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If you are entering a certain online gambling casino site, you will be astonished about the large payment methods accepted. We are not talking only about classical debit cards and PayPal online casinos, as some modern payment techniques such as Moneybookers and WalletXpress are also allowed on many sites. In addition, MasterCard is preparing a new prepaid method designed especially for online gamblers. Using this revolutionary technique will allow you to play the 200 Playtech branded slots games on every casino that hosts them, and you can also use TrashSend and InterCash payment methods on those sites.

TrashSend and PayPal Online Casinos

The news was a surprise even for TrashSend. “We are aware about the impact and good name of our service but we have never dreamed about MasterCard contacting us for a partnership,” said the Chief of TrashSend, RichardJones. “We are also negotiating with some important virtual banks to include our payment method in their offers.” Although it is not officially confirmed, it seems like PayPal for PayPal online casinos is willing to accept TrashSend clients directly, so they won’t have to open a PayPal account to withdraw money in TrashSend accounts.

Let me explain the system in simple words: if you have a TrashSend account and the site of your choice will only allow PayPal, you will be allowed to withdraw and deposit money using this account. The system is also expected to be extended to all the online payment methods, as more and more users are complaining about the lack of collaboration between the online virtual banks and casino sites like Paypal online casinos.

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